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Dimpra Kaleem
Dimpra Kaleem is the sum of many parts. Just as all of us have personalities that are a culmination of the varying influences that have shaped our lives, Dimpra is a separation from the original physicality that now resides in a world of fiction and fantasy. It was once suggested that Shakespeare was a collection of people, rather than a single entity - I like this idea, this notion that collective egos can be put aside in order to produce something that can spark the imagination and create a world in which to escape such troubles that form...
Fantasy author, anime fan & gamer, cosplayer, & tall ship sailor. Lady geek & proud of it. Loves nature. Also does proofreading and line-editing.
I bash the keyboard, and occasionally a story falls out.
Paul James
My first novel "An Incaredible Adventure is out now on Kindle and KOBO.  A story over three continents with two gangs of bad guys, a ghost and aliens. Action, Adventure Romance and humour all in one great story at a bargain price
Sara White
Matthew White
Hi everyone. Matt here. Please add your information so that we can create a community of various members that love fantasy and SciFi. I would love to help promote authors and have bloggers and reviews post on my site. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make your experience on even better. Matt
7 results - showing 1 - 7