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In a twenty-first-century America threatened by apathy, ignorance, and vast class and economic differences, Mariesa van Huyten, a great heiress, sets out to make a difference by creating a new educational system and a clandestine private space program.

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Realistic story about the difficulties of privately funding a space program

Firestar by Michael Flynn is the first book in his science fiction series about people rediscovering outer space in the near future.
Unlike most science fiction books where space travel is well developed this series delves into a very plausible world that could occur in the next few decades.
Mariesa van Huyten is a very rich leader of a conglomerate of companies that secret begin developing and testing new planes capable of traveling into space. Much of the story revolves and several pilots charged with testing the new planes. 
Several interesting characters bring life to he book such as Barry, the school teacher, and Sticks, the rebellious student and future poet.
I enjoyed this book and the realism it brings to developing space travel but warn you that it was longer than average at 896 pages or 31 hours as an audiobook. It also is more about the people around Mariesa and the trials of attempting to secretly and privately fund a space program and not as action-packed as other science fiction stories. 
I give it four out of four out of five stars as I found it an interesting book but the it might not be for everyone.

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