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SciFi F Fwwadmin October 06, 2016 3663
Thriller about a family facing an alien invasion that reads like Fear the Walking Dead

Invasion is the first in the science fiction series Alien Invasion by Sean Platt and Johnny B Truant but it reminds me more of a dystopian or thriller story such as Fear the Walking Dead.
The story begins with a family in New York City learning that alien spaceships have been spotted and are expected to reach Earth in five days. As pandemonium hits they attempt to escape New York because "everyone knows New York is where everything happens" and reach their shelter in Vail, Colorado.
Much like Fear the Walking Dead the story focuses almost totally on the experiences and interactions of a family as they react to what is happening. The father is a famous and rich movie producer who plans for disasters and even has a specialized vehicle that they begin their travel to Colorado in.
I liked reading as the family drove through my stomping grounds of Pittsburgh and Ohio and got into trouble near Chicago. However, the focus of this first book in the series is on the family and the people that make their trip much more dangerous and not aliens. I give the book four out of five stars and would have preferred a little more science fiction and a little less thriller or dystopian. I am certain based on the ending that we will hear more from the aliens in book two but the buildup was slower than I would have preferred.

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