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Historical Fiction F Fwwadmin August 14, 2016 3136
Kids that time travel- fun but missing something for adults

A Mutany in Time is a rather short story at 192 pages but as a children's historical fiction targeted for 8 to 11 year olds I suppose that is appropriate.
I liked the beginning of the story as two kids discovered that one of their parents had a nearly completed time machine locked in their garage-like building. They then find themselves in the middle of a battle between those that are trying to correct time anomalies and those that want to kill time travelers to maintain the altered timeline where they rule.
The kids end up traveling back in time and become deckhands on one of the Christopher Columbus's ships on his voyage were he discovered America.
The story is easy to read and the time travel is fun but the ending just didn't live up to early parts of the story. I think young kids and some teens will enjoy it but I look for more as an adult. I give it a four out of five stars since much of the story was interesting but there was something missing by the end. 

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