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Warheart Hot
Fantasy F Fwwadmin June 05, 2016 3109
A forgettable tale that lacked the dramatic effect it could have had
(Updated: June 06, 2016)

Warheart continues to story of Richard and Kahlan that started in Wizard's First Rule back in 2010. Wizard's First Rule was a good start to the series as Richard finds himself in a new world against overwhelming odds.  This 15th book in the series doesn't have the same magic though.

The book revolves around the Underworld and its relationship with magic and the living.  Richard is dead  at the beginning of this book and Kahlan makes unusual decision involving traveling to the Underworld to get his soul back.

Much of this book delves into the idea that prophesy comes from the Underworld and that prophesy is the opposite of free will.  Richard and his companions must battle against two main enemies that control thousands of minions that are in search of their souls.

Sadly, the concepts are either overdone or key issues are solved too quickly in this book.  I give it a three out of five stars as the characters lacked additional development and overall the book was rather forgettable. 


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