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Fantasy F Fwwadmin July 10, 2017 2986
Fun and realistic fantasy heroes

NPCs is a refreshingly different story in a fantasy world. There are several major reasons that this book is different.  The main characters start out as non-player characters AKA NPCs that live in a world as regular working joes that have to put up with the actions of fantasy heroes. They also become heroes that don't fit the fantasy stereotypes for their gender or race and instead based on their abilities or personalities. Finally, the story starts out as part of a role playing game being played by some bad role players and ran by a dungeon master that warns them that he is going to run a more realistic game.
I really enjoyed this book and not only found it refreshing but also fun and well-written. Yes, the characters start out at a very low level but learn quickly that even fighting low level monsters is not as easy as it is assumed. Winning isn't automatic and life has risks which when you are stupid includes dying poorly. I give it five out of five stars and recommend it to fantasy readers and fans of role playing games. 


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