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Fantasy F Fwwadmin May 12, 2017 3224
Good background story and action but not overly memorable

Court of Nightfall is a difficult book to review, especially after waiting over a month since I listened to it. The story starts out with a young girl, Scarlett, who lives a fairly normal life except for the fact that there is a locked building in her backyard that her parents tell her is off limits. What girl is going to listen when her parents tell her something mysterious is off limits?
I liked most of Scarlett's background story but after that the story bounces around with plenty of action but not enough continuity to make it a great book. Scarlett evolves quickly but I never felt like I really understood her or the world that she lived in as well as I should have.
I give it three out of five stars for the good background story and action but the overall story was not as connected of as riveting as I would have liked.


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