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Fantasy F Fwwadmin April 17, 2017 2324
Lia the Wretched becomes a hunter and learns more of herself

One of the best compliments I can give for this series, Legends of Muirwood, is that it is one of the few fantasy series I have finished in awhile. This series made me want to come back for more and I wasn't disappointed. 

Blight of Muirwood is the second book in the series and the main character, Lia, continues to mature and grow in her abilities. She is now the hunter for Muirwood Abbey which faces destruction by the forces of the evil Queen. Lia also has the issue that she is a wretched and who is love with a young duke. But can he love her back? Find out more about Lia as she grows and enjoy the action and romance/teenage angst in this second book.

I give this book a four out of five stars and can say that even at 14 hours or 453 pages that it moves very quickly. I'm not one too interested in teenage angst or romance in general but this book also had plenty of action and interesting mysteries that are uncovered. I recommend it to fantasy readers and young adults.


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