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Fantasy F Fwwadmin April 05, 2017 2741
Slow pacing drags down a great fantasy universe

The Well of Ascension is book two in the Mistborn  fantasy series by Brandon Sanderson. The story continues about Vin, the young Mistborn girl, who suddenly finds herself and her companions in a very different position of ruling an empire after she killed the godlike ruler. At 815 pages or nearly 30 hours as an audiobook this story tends to be a long one.
Basically, the story focuses on Vin as she struggles to find her place and protect her love from assassins while the city is besieged by multiple armies wanting the riches and power the city supposedly has.
I enjoy the Mistborn world but have to admit that it felt like a chore to get through this book due to the length and meandering plot. Yes, there are armies surrounding the city but much of the story revolves around government meetings and Vin trying to discover secrets about the mists. I give it three stars but thinking a shorter story would have been more enjoyable and be better paced.


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