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Dystopian F Fwwadmin October 22, 2016 2643
Great book about faith and love in a world that has lost both

16-year-old Frost lives in a horrible world.  All of her life she has lived in a few rooms in a run down building. Outside is a dangerous world of rooming Eaters, killer robots, and gangs of cruel humans looking to enslave anyone they find. Frost has been living with pet, Romes, and a robot, Bunt, who sometimes has the mind of her father.
Romes gets sick and Frost believes that the one way t save him is to leave the safety of the only home she has ever know and take Romes to a rumored place of safety near the city. She faces impossible odds and only her faith in a better world keeps  her going against all the dangers that she is about  to face.
I very much enjoyed this book as a great story about faith and love in a world that has lost both. I think a wide audience of teens and adults will also like this book and not just those that enjoy dystopian science fiction. I give it five out of  five stars and I recommend that you read it.

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