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Dystopian F Fwwadmin August 14, 2016 2653
Fast paced story with plenty of action

I have listened to Amped as an audio book twice now and think it is an excellent example of dystopian science fiction. The main character, Owen, is a young man with unique cybernetic implants that make him an "amp". "Amps" have no rights and are treated more like animals than people. The average implants transforms children with learning difficulties into super intelligent or athletic kids that normal kids just can't compete with.
And then there is Owen who thought his physician father gave him an average implant that just keeps him from having epileptic seizures but in reality makes him one of the most powerful people on earth.
The world is a dangerous place where super-powered "amps" battle in gladiatorial contests and Amps are restricted to concentration camp-like towns.
All this is bad enough but violence is bubbling up and Owen can't tell friend from foe or what is motivating others to act as they do. Owen needs to decide how deep into his amp he will go and what he will do with those powers if he activates them.
Amped is a fast paced story with plenty of action and dangerous situations and I recommend it to those that like either science fiction or dystopian fiction. I give it five out of five stars.

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