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Dystopian R ReddenedWasteland May 25, 2016 3065
Dystopian story of miners on Mars in the middle of a revolution

I finished reading this dystopian book set on Mars over a month ago and am just getting around to the review. The book is by Kyle Perkins who is a young author that I teamed up with on a free book promotion a few months ago. 
This book is about a man and a woman that both work as miners on Mars. Their world is headed towards a revolution as there are three different factions that have very different views of how life on Mars should be.
The book continues to build as the factions head toward a huge battle that will decide all of their futures.
I liked the world and characters but questioned some of their actions. More specifically the main characters were uninformed about the other factions until they ran straight into situations they were unprepared for.
Also, the ending of the book left me hanging. Basically the story ends with a cliffhanger. It felt like book one in a series but there aren't any future books in this world that I know of.  
It rate it four out of five stars since the world and characters had some really potential as a great dystopian story but the ending did not live up to my expectations.
For those that have read this review and are interested in reading the book I have one free copy of the book that I will give out as a gift.  There is only one copy so the first person that wants it gets it.
I was not in any way paid for this review and I purchased the book and am providing my honest review.

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