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Dystopian F Fwwadmin May 16, 2016 3181
Not as much added to the Silo series as I would have hoped

I read Wool, the first book in the Silo Series, about two months ago and now am reviewing Shift.  Shift starts a prequel about a young politician named Donald who helps design the interiors for the silos.  There a three main plotlines and time periods in Shift and Donald by being put into suspended animation is a part of all three.

My problem is that I found Donald to be a fairly uninteresting character.  He really doesn't have much motivation or even understanding of what is going on and so you as the reader don't learn about exactly what happened to create the silos until the very end.  When you get the ending you realize that the people who built the silos had some pretty messed up views of the world and how to save people.

The second story is about a young porter that is involved with the destruction of a silo that I really didn't get much out of.  The third story is about the boy, Jimmy, that spent 30 years in a silo by himself.  Living by yourself in a silo isn't very interesting in that it is much like a prison except worse.  Jimmy fears others finding the passcode to get into his room and finds a cat.  Not much else happens except that the book ends at basically the same place that the first book ended as Jimmy meets Juliette and Donald talks to her.

The book is well-written but I was kept in suspense and expected more plot development that I got.  Sure, we learn why the silos were created but there wasn't enough progression in the storyline so I give it three out of five stars. 

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