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Dystopian F Fwwadmin March 21, 2017 2940
Realistic story about how a small American town would try to survive an EMP strike

One Second After is a scary book because you have to ask yourself if it could really happen. Unlike many dystopian books that feel disconnected from our real world this book is shockingly realistic.

The story begins with a history professor/retired military officer explaining to his family that the power should come back on soon after an outage occurs. However, he also wrote a very detailed paper on Electro Magnetic Pulses (EMP) and he fears that is what really happened.

The small town soon finds itself under martial law as grocery stores get looted and every day needs go unfulfilled. The book described the frightening realism of business professional left stranded on the highway in their business suits and clothes, elderly dying due to lack of artificial life support and a lot more. The reader quickly understands how much of our daily needs are shipped by truck and how interdependent we are not on just goods from other states but from the entire world. Medicines are produced with components from everywhere and simple things like the lack of asthma inhalers can kill people.

Then there is the extreme lack of food and even wild game available to feed even a small town of a few thousand people. Everyone goes on such low food rations that weight loss and lethargy due to lack of adequate calories become big issues. Worst yet are the mobs that roam from city to city attacking and killing anyone they can find for their resources and even resort to cannibalism. Local militias are recruited from college kids in order to protect the town.

This was an excellent book that made me want to start stocking up on food but more importantly water and even a good pair of hiking shoes. I read a lot of fantasy and SciFI but this is one of the few books that provide such a realistic story that I wondered if these things could actually happen. I give it five out of five stars and suggest anyone looking for a realistic post-apocalyptic story check it out.

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