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Dystopian F Fwwadmin March 03, 2017 2811
Another great dystopian novel like The Maze Runner or Divergent

Arena 1 is the first book in a new series by Morgan Rice. Morgan Rice is best known for her series The Vampire Journals and I really enjoyed her fantasy series The Sorcerer's Ring. I got sucked into that series because the first book in the series, A Quest for Heroes, was free as a ebook. This new book, Arena 1, is also a free ebook and a great start to a new dystopian series.

The story is a children's book but I think any dystopian reader will find something to like here and the price of free is hard to beat. The story begins with 17 year old Brooke trying to survive in a mountain cabin with her younger sister. Meanwhile slaverunners are looking for anyone to bring back and force to battle to their likely death in the arena.

I liked that the arena is actually based in New York City and much of the points of interest will be very noticeable to anyone who has ever visited there. The difference is that most of the bridges and buildings have been destroyed in a major war which just so happened to start because Democrats and Republicans escalated their conflicts between each other beyond words.  But that would never happen, right?

Brooke is either a very brave and lucky person or is one of the greatest raw yet unexperienced heroes ever. There is plenty of action throughout the book and it very much reads as a Mad Max-like action film with her constantly facing one pearl after another.

At 253 pages the book is a quick read and the story moves from scene to scene smoothly. I give it five out of five stars and recommend it for teens and adults that enjoy books such as The Maze Runner and Divergent.

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